A CCTV system comprises of a number of components all of which have been created to suit the security need of society. A surveillance system captures footage which can be used in the prosecution of suspects.  CCTV cameras have been implemented in the streets of Johannesburg, London and America and with great success, helping the police force to solve crimes. A CCTV system can be implemented in your business or home for use in protecting your belongings from theft or vandalism. In order to make the best use of your system it would be a good idea to do some research into CCTV equipment as well as consult with a CCTV installation company for advice.
The typical components of a CCTV system include a set of cameras, as well as storage and monitoring devices. The most important part of your system would be your cameras. Do you want cameras to have thermal capabilities? Or should they be high definition cameras? What about an analogue camera, how does it compare to digital cameras? All these questions are important. One needs to understand them properly, but more importantly, one needs to understand whether certain cameras can be used in their property. This information may be obtained from a CCTV installation company.
Your other important piece of equipment is called a digital video recorder (DVR). This will enable you to store your surveillance footage in digital format, which saves you on much more hard disk space. In the past analogue cameras were used, which recorded their footage on tape. This required large amounts of office storage space. A DVR however will store the footage on your PC.

Some DVR’s have their own storage system apart from a PC, while others allow for server storage, which means you can view your footage over a network. Storage of this kind saves on space plus it allows you far greater functionality when viewing your footage. Some DVR’s are able to convert signals from an analogue camera into digital data, which means that you can use a DVR with an analogue camera system. DVR’s are versatile and efficient making them an important part of a CCTV system.