Samsung offers a wide range of different CCTV cameras to suit your needs. The different types of cameras may be sectioned off into three styles: analogue; network or IP cameras; and HD-SDI cameras. Each style of camera adds its own benefits to your system. All these products are produced by Samsungs Techwin division which has over 30 years of experience in optical and image processing technologies. This places them in a position where they are able to produce high quality products at affordable prices.
CCTV cameras which are produced by Samsung are known for their high quality, efficiency and durability. Amongst their analogue and network cameras you are able to choose from a range of styles which may find a place in most settings where security is needed. For instance, Samsung have made available PTZ cameras (pan tilt and zoom) in various shapes and sizes, as well as bullet style cameras. Also, thermal cameras are available for those cases where heat detection is of importance. Samsung security cameras offer a versatile set of options which may be implemented in most security situations with relative speed and ease.
Before deciding on the style of camera (bullet, PTZ, dome, etc), it would be a good idea to consult with a professional CCTV installer. Each style of camera has been specifically designed for use in very specific areas, so making a mistake in this regard could mean a loss in functionality and optimisation. Also, certain styles of camera systems are compatible with particular DVR systems, and a CCTV company will be able to advise you in this regard.
Samsung also offers an excellent iPhone application which can be used in conjunction with your camera system. You will be able to view the surveillance footage from you camera with ease by simply loading the iPolis application from your iphone. This means that you can access your CCTV surveillance from where ever you are, giving you peace of mind that you know exactly the state of your possessions at your property.