Walls are solid structures usually made from cement or concrete, bricks and stones. They are generally higher than fences because the solid materials provide adequate support. Fences are made of lighter products such as wire mesh and barbed wire which are produced from galvanised steel, mild steel and stainless steel. Stainless steel fences will last a lifetime if they are erected securely. Seeing as fences are made of lighter materials, they are shorter. Palisade fences are on average about 2.4 meters high.

Wall fences allow visibility through fenced sections along a solid wall foundation. They are a stylish combination of walls and fences. They offer the sturdiness and support of a wall and the easy appearance of the fence. Wall fences are quite high and if used in conjunction with another layer of security, they are a force to be reckoned with.

In South Africa, wall fences are best used with additional security such as alarm systems and motion detectors. These additional systems must be preferably linked to a response service from a reputable security company. The rate of crime in South Africa means that fences can no longer be only about decorating and enhancing the appearance of the home, security must be the guiding necessity when building a wall fence.

Building a wall fence is not a project that can easily be completed by uncertain beginners. Though there are many DIY instructions available for building a wall fence, it is not advisable to take chances with the safety of the family and home. Homeowners must be prepared to spend a little bit more money on acquiring the services of a qualified and experienced contractor who uses high quality products and has contactable references. Reputable contractors are able to offer their clients affordable rates on professionally completed projects because they have built and maintained successful relationships with suppliers whom they can negotiate jaw-dropping discounts with. They also give homeowner a guarantee on all their work and help them with maintaining and sometimes repairing the wall fence in future.