Geology Agate: Agate belongs to the family of quartz and has a hardness of 7. Agate occurs in volcanic areas. During the cooling of the lava flows are formed bubbles and cavities are then filled by silica and aqueous solutions. The highly concentrated mineral-rich solutions to harden and crystallize in the garnet and give its characteristic appearance. The merging of iron, manganese, chromium and other metals will be the agate the multiple color spectrum. The main deposits are in Brazil, Mexico and Idar Oberstein. Also in Madagascar, Bulgaria and in many North American states agates found.

Effect on the physical body: in agate for centuries attributed many therapeutic effects. Since vibrations are directly working on the physical body, we might best closest to the skin wear. The Agate is good for mothers as it protects the life and growing confidence in the natural body processes gives. For this purpose, wearing a small agate slice with crystalline inclusions. Agate creates trust and facilitates childbirth. It carries a quiet one at waist height agate. He helps with upset stomach, cramps, fever, eye complaints, epilepsy and alcoholism.

Effect on the psyche: agate illuminates the mind and promotes the absorption of new impressions. People who are myopic and suspicious to many a whimsical agate. Agates with quiet lines are soothing and harmonizing stone with wild spots are restless force for stable and well balanced people, for them they are breaking and very inspiring. Further strengthened the agate self-awareness, increased vitality and reduced delusions.

Care: the agate regularly in a dry dish with hematite stone drum discharge, preferably overnight. And the best piece on this by charging him the next night in a crystal bowl or in a crystal cluster to explain.


History: The amethyst was almost revered by all peoples. Around the Mediterranean, the stone long before our era until ritual jewelry, amulets and cameo processed. The Christian Church and its prelates use amethyst in their ritual objects. Its name comes from the Greek “Amethystos” which means “not drunk – sober”. The Greeks believed that amethyst its wearer more stability and give him protection against witchcraft, nostalgia, especially drunkenness and evil thoughts. Furthermore, he would protect the soul of evil invaders, optimism, and our guard against false friends. Kingdoms and Imperial Crown Jewels which are rich amethyst never missing.

Effect on the physical body: the amethyst is a soothing stone and is ideal in a waiting room or meditation room to place, it will be the meditation on a higher level. He helps migraine and skin disorders, menstrual disorders, insomnia and placed under the pillow he gives valuable dreams. He helps with problems caused by anemia or other blood disorders. In children, tempers his anger, hysteria, epilepsy and stuttering. (Use in children a light amethyst violet) Amethyst can cure the neck.

Effect on the psyche: amethistgeodes blanks or by customizing their appearance more harmony in the family, warmth and security. The amethyst gives insight to the human spirit and matter harmoniously blending it. It is a stone of inspiration. The gentle persuasion of amethyst temporarily set up the world, the consciousness space on quiet reflection and thus makes it possible for the mind to rest. Because the mind surrenders and thoughts release may glimpses of a higher knowledge and intuitions about consciousness in the seepage. The amethyst teaches us to trust in the universal forces.

Care: the amethyst is popular for its beautiful color and is as rough stones, geodes, crystals, stuffed animals, chains, spheres, pyramids, obelisks, and donuts available in jewelery. The amethyst to once a month in lukewarm water discharged and cleaned. Chains can be recharged in a bowl with hematite stone drum. The amethyst in the sun should never be charged because he faded and pale. Smaller pieces can also be a large amethyst geode or a crystal cluster charge.


Geology: The Aquamarine is the precious blue variety of the mineral Beryl and is a berylliumsilicaat aluminum and has a hardness of 7.5 to 8. Like other varieties of beryl aquamarine is commonly found in pegmatietgesteenten. The main findings of aquamarine from Brazil, some near Marambaya in the state of Minas Gerais. The best dark blue aquamarine crystal from Madagascar. Other places like Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Russian Ural Mountains and the Mourne Mountains in Ireland.

Effect on the physical body: the element aluminum in aquamarine is present and therefore has a positive influence on the autonomic nervous system of our body. The stone strengthens the functioning of the pancreas and supports the liver, the presence of the element beryllium has a strong effect on the function and operation of the pituitary and thyroid. Aquamarine supports the healing of throat infections and inflammations of the oral mucosa and jaw sinuses, swollen glands and angina. (Aquamarine Water with a little lemon and chamomile helps to severe throat infections.) Special effect the aquamarine for diseases of the airways and lungs. Aquamarine with allergies is a good helper, eg hay fever or skin. Aquamarine clears not only the inner vision, but also promotes the appearance eyesight. Among many nations was aquamarine praised for its healing effect on the eyes.

Effect on the psyche: the impact of an aquamarine long stays, he gets our minds profound. The aquamarine at all levels has a strong balancing function and stabilizes our emotional, mental and physical bodies. It is a stone with a cleansing effect, helps to process emotions, where one “speechless” or otherwise unable to express themselves. Aquamarine is a stone for the pure soul, he promotes clairvoyance and is the stone of mystics and seers.

Care: aquamarine is offered in many forms, tumbled stones, jewelry, silver or gold put. Once a month in pure water discharge and recharge in the sun or on a crystal cluster.


Geology: The hematite is a stone with no magnetic iron oxide hardness 5 to 6. Hematite is one of the most common minerals and causes the red color of rocks and mountains complete. The hematite is sometimes called bloodstone, during the grinding process, the water that is used while a red color reminiscent of blood. Hematite is found in eg Italy, Sweden, the USA, Canada and Russia.

Effect on the physical body: Hematite Stones are a very important stone, the stone is a very powerful cleaner of the physical body. They purify the blood and strengthens the blood purifying organs: kidneys, liver and spleen. Hematite can be placed on the body congested areas or where there is poor circulation, especially in the purifying organs. Also with palpitations, cramps, calf cramps, a strained neck, back pain and spleen ailments are hematite application.

Effect on the psyche: Hematite helps us to activate the hidden powers, give courage and fortitude, and provides us with new energy, vitality and spontaneity. The stone helps us in difficult times as we are physically and / or under psychological pressure. Hematite enhances brain function by improving the flow of blood, he has a strong grounding effect, put the feet on the ground.

Care: Hematite Stones are available in many forms, from rough to finely crafted jewelry. Hematite iron and therefore have a common enemy “water”. You can best discharge hematite in a small bowl with tumbled rock crystal. The discharge of the hematite crystals of harmful radiation, and simultaneously give the crystals the hematite new energy.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli and a growing cubic sulphide sodium aluminum silicate with a hardness between 5 and 6. He is often connected with calcite and pyrite found. Crystals of lapis lazuli are extremely rare. Usually we find a blue stone with embedded bright golden pyrietkristallen. The finest, ultramarine blue specimens are found in Afghanistan, smaller sites within the GUS countries and in Chile.

Effect on the physical body:
For the physical body, the lapis lazuli strong healing and purifying properties. The cool blue beam giving help swelling, inflammations and insect bites, this one captures the lapis lazuli on the corresponding spot, so he had his antiseptic, disinfectant, analgesic and cooling properties can develop. Toxins by the lapis lazuli drawn and recorded. To improve vision and eye infections can rock around the half hour in water and then put to use as eye bath. For sore throat gargle with this water, it lowers blood pressure and blood cholesterol is beneficial influences. Lapis lazuli with pyrite soothes and heals diseases of the ear and spinal cord. (MS) Lapis necklaces computer from harmful rays and high UV radiation from our damaged ozone layer.

Effect on the psyche:
Lapis lazuli has a positive effect on the nervous system. The deep blue penetrates into the energetic blockages in the throat region, solve them and thus opens the way for the holy word. It helps against insomnia and fatigue. The stone frees the forces within us through clearing jams, fears and prejudices, we will give them more confidence and learn that friendship and love one of the most important things in our lives, he gives firmness and enrich the spiritual life. Lapis someone will assist the stability and strength of spirit which will enable the soul capable of operating independently. Lapis focus the mind inwards to seek its own power. The longer we carry the stone, the more this energy is felt. He helps people timid and introverted people open up, strengthen their willpower and creates harmony between body, soul and spirit.


Sugeliet love is a purple stone that the beam energy to earth.
It represents spiritual love and wisdom, open all the chakras to the flow of love and brings them in line.
Sugeliet inspires spiritual awareness and enhances the ability to channel and teaches you how to live from your truth and reminds the soul of the reason of his incarnation. It guides the recognition of past lives or situations between two lives for the cause of discomfort to find out. This stone will answer all the big questions of life such as:

Why am I here?
Where do I come?
Who am I?
What else should I understand?

This loving stone protects the soul from shock, trauma, disappointment and relieves spiritual tension.

Sugeliet helps sensitive people and people who light work to adapt to the ground without vibration to adjust the outstanding issues, promotes forgiveness and an end to hostility.
It is a useful stone for group work, because the group solves problems and encourages loving communication.

Spiritually Sugeliet encourages positive thoughts and reorganizes the brain patterns that have learning disabilities such as dyslexia are based.

Physical: Sugeliet works beneficial to cancer patients because it removes emotional turmoil and can alleviate despair. Neutralize negative energy, provides loving support and channeling healing energy in body, soul and spirit.

The manganese in Sugeliet that an excellent pain reliever, it works well for headaches and discomfort at every level. Select this Sugeliet with a lot of manganese. The stone treats epilepsy and motor disorders and brings the nerves and brains in one line.
Light colored Sugeliet purifies the blood and lymph system.

Natural Healing

Everywhere in nature are vibrations (resonance) for both in the world of large (earthquakes) and in the small (atomic vibrations). For human beings are primarily acoustic and electromagnetic vibrations of interest, such as light and radio waves.

The Bioresonance Therapy affects her (customized) informational vibration energy level the physical processes of the patient. Bioresonance device transmits vibrations to the body from such disruptions in the body lifts. Bioresonance drugs work on the vibration and energy level of the lichaam.Ze support the immune system and protect the body against adverse influences and diseases.

When our body is out of balance the energy can not flow through. Organs do not work properly. Symptoms and disease can arise as a result.

Cells, tissues and organs have electromagnetic properties. The electrical currents (vibration) can be measured outside the body. Each body cell has its own frequency. Using the biotensor these frequencies are measured. The skilled hands biotensor is a sensitive instrument with which the body can be examined on distortions of physical or emotional nature. This allows changes in the body can be visualized and viruses, bacteria and toxins are easily detected. Clear which body or any part of the body damaged, infected or ill.

If we blockages (negative energy) lift, the body will again be able to recover. To stimulate the body and the functioning of the organs can stimulate symptoms disappear or decrease significantly.

Given no disease is not accompanied by irregular vibrations,
good healing therapy can be applied to the expectations
wide variety of disorders – Arthritis
– M.e.
– M.s.
– Parkinson
– Depression
– Hormones
– Cardiovascular
– Candida
– Migraine
– Child and Women’s Diseases
– Tumours
– Respiratory Complaints
– Lungs
– Liver and gall
– Stomach and intestines
– Muscles and tendons
– Bones and cartilage also wear
– Sexual problems
– Allergies
– Intolerance
– And many, many complaints

Bioresonance therapy is thus intended to encourage the body to repair. Both acute and chronic symptoms can be treated.