Plumbers are abundant in Joburg.

A leaky faucet or pipe is an everyday struggle for some –that’s why plumbers are essential.

Yes, sometimes in order to save money we try and fix it ourselves, but that almost always fails. Plumbers understand pipes and leaks, and have the ability to take on a project with patience and not an after work stress-filled attempt at fixing a tap.

The most popular plumbing issues include toilets and sinks, and taps or pipes. Private residences are also higher on the list when it comes to fixing a leak.

It might come as a surprise but all plumbing problems are of equal importance and require the same amount of work. Toilets are as important as sinks.

Not to mention people losing things by flushing them down the toilet or it dropping out of their hands when they’re busy at the sink.

In Joburg

Joburg, having a very humid climate, has a long list of plumbers that work independently and are contracted by businesses/ organisations.

Pools, cold water running, cold showers, watering the garden – these all require regular activity with your pipes and faucets/ taps.

You can find any yellow page website online where you can search any city in the country for plumbing solutions and in Joburg there’s a total of 357 results – and that’s only those that are listed.

Plumbers are definitely not hard to come by in Joburg, so rest assured your pipes will be taken care of whenever they decide to go awry.