Motor gates are a great invention because they brought out what we call convenience as nobody wants to come out their car just to open the gate especially on a rainy or cold day. The reason why it is called a motor gate is because there is motor inside the machine in which the reels of the gate is mounted to. This motor is an electrical one which does also have a standby battery so that when there is no electricity the battery can step in and do the job. You use a remote control which is battery powered to open and close the gate, which means frequency wise the machine needs to in sync with the remote control. The reason why the gate can open and close is because the motor inside the machine can rotate forward and backwards, clockwise and anticlockwise. It does this quite easily because the remote sends out a different frequency for open and another for close.

Now this all sounds lovely doesn’t it because all that has been mentioned above is all the PROS in the other words the positive aspects of a motor gate because yes it does have its CONS firstly this type of gate breaks all the time depending on the in and out traffic of that particular property. On residential complexes the motor gate always has to be fixed and serviced all the time as result of high volumes of traffic cause by the number of people who live in that specific complex.

For security reasons the motor gate has time and speed settings whereby if you want your gate to shut quickly after you drive in it can, also sensors for when in case your car has not passed yet or in case of a situation when you have multiple cars driving in. However when you have sensors be sure that the gate has closed before you drive off after you in because hijackers are known for running quickly to the sensor after you drive in to block it with their hands causing the gate to reopen thus also giving them access to your property making their job that much easier to rob or hijack you.