?Everybody in South Africa is aware of the crime factor and in some places; the rate is higher than other areas. To combat crime and safeguard oneself, people put security measures into place to make sure they are safe. Automated garage doors and gates are becoming more and more important as they avoid the individual from having to get out their car to open the gate and garage door by him or herself, and it protects the individual from getting drenched on a cold winter’s rainy day.
It is true that to fit an automated garage door cost much more than just installing a regular one, but in the end, it is a good investment. In order for the garage door to operate, a power, motor opener powers it and this little device allows the door to open and close by a click of a remote control button. There are various types of these motors available and the suppliers will be able to advice their clients which one is best to use as well as the best price garage door opener to suite the client’s pocket.  
Automated garage doors needs regular maintenance so that it will function properly at all times. The motor can last for a long time and in most cases backup is supplied for a power failure. In the event of a power cut, an automated garage door is fitted with an override cable that once pulled, the door will be able to open and shut manually.  
Garage doors can be fitted to slide, tilt or roll and they can be bought in either metal or wood. A garage door price list can vary dramatically depending on various aspects such as materials, labour as well as the type of door that is used. Prices for the door including the motor could start from nine thousand rand and escalate to even around nineteen thousand rand, with all the extras added but there are also cheaper options by having a regular door, on the other hand, automation being such a valuable asset, will benefit the individual to invest in this long-term asset.