?These days more South Africans and people around the world have become more aware of the crime rate and learn of things they can do to safeguard themselves against crime. Electric garage doors are just one thing that may help the homeowner stay safe on those lonely evenings. 

An electric or automatic garage door operates using electricity and a motor like garage door opener. By just adding a small yet potent box to your garage door, you will be able to operate the garage door using a click of a button. Garage door openers power the door to be able to open without having to manually open it. A garage door opener can be bought by suppliers and they often offer to install it for the individual wishing to buy it, as it is more viable to get professional garage door installation companies to do the installation of the door opener.  
It is said that the first electric overhead garage door ever made was in 1926 by C.G Johnson. Electric garage door openers does not power the entire door to open instead, the door itself is lifted by the counter balance springs that is attached to the door. The springs causes lifting movement which work in sync with the steal counter balance cables and electricity powering the opener all of them working in order to lift the door.  
For any automation even that of a gate to be installed or customized, the price will increase as the individual having it installed will have to pay for a good opener or motor that will operate the door. It is also known to be a safety precaution. Garage door prices increase when the door is made to operate by automation using electricity.  
Maintenance of a garage door is very important in order to keep it in constant working order. However, the maintenance of the garage door opener is even more vital important because they can be very expensive. There are various companies that supply garage doors and garage door openers and also install it for the home owner. They can range from R900 R2 000 and more depending on the brand.