Crime is a reality in the life of every South African. They take whatever measures they can to protect themselves and their possessions. Many people take out short term insurance to cover them in the event of a loss or damage and often they walk around with pepper sprays just for in case.
The place where you really want to feel safe and protected is your home. The first step was to automate garage doors; it allows you to open the door from a distance and to get out of the car once the garage door has closed. This offers protection from hijackers lurking in streets. It is however also true that it offers a lot of convenience for the driver i.e. he does not have to get out of his car to open a garage door. The same applies to electric gates: you can open them from a distance and close them behind you with the remote control.  
Electric gates can slide open or swing open; it all depends on your property and the space available. Electric gate installers will give you a quote on the work to be done and will advise you on the best gate and gate motor to use. Sliding gate rails should be free of obstacles such as little stones as the gate will slide as far as the stone and then stop. You will have to get out of your car to remove the stone before you can try to close the gate again. This causes wear and tear as the gate works more than it should. The kind of gate and motor installed will bear in mind how often the gate is used during a day. A normal household will use the gate a certain number of times a day. An industrial site however will use it far more as trucks come and go all the time.  
You can ask your installer to supply you with a back-up battery for the gate motor so that it works even when the power is down.