An entrance gate is not an entrance gate if that same property where the gate is does not have an exit gate, where this normally happens is high traffic properties for example your business office parks. Whereby entrances and exits have to be controlled and documented as well as recorded properly on a daily basis.

On a normal house you will not have an entrance and exit gate because it is not of a business nature. However at a residential estate that has many townhouse units this might be necessary to control the traffic in and out of the complex. Some exit gates have a mechanism embedded underground to assess the weight of a car then the gate opens automatically.

On the entrance gate side though the access will be controlled by you using a buzzing intercom system or a twenty four hour security guard who has a job to sign people in by taking down their car registration and phone number. Some entrance gates have a system whereby when you buzz the unit you are visiting the system automatically calls the owner’s cellular phone then the owner can grant access by pressing a number on their cellular phone keypad to open the gate for the visitor. This is technology used to control access into the property which is very effective and innovative.
Entrance gates can be a double door which means two doors on the left and the right move apart from each other when opening, or the entrance gate can be a single gate that slides on a track in order to provide entrance for the person coming in or driving in.
For security reasons the motor gate has speed and time settings whereby if you want the gate to close quickly after you drive in it can close quickly, also can have sensors for when your car has not passed yet or in case of a situation when quite a few cars are driving in at the same time convoy style. However when you have sensors you need to ensure that the gate has closed before you drive off into the property because hijackers are known for blocking the infrared signal of the sensor to prevent the gate from closing. However when you have twenty four hour security this is not necessary as criminals will have to find another to bypass the security guards.