Entrance gates are very popular in South Africa. This is because of the high crime rate people are very aware of what is there’s and what isn’t. This can mean that these entrance gates also protect. They can protect the people inside the property form the people on the outside. This is often because of the high armed house robberies and also the high assault rate. One of the very popular methods is the wooden entrance gates. This is because they are old fashioned as also expensive. They often give the house a quality that the iron ones cannot.

Driveway entrance gates are also very popular. This is because in general in South Africa people will have a driveway gate and pedestrian gates. These gates often match and they can in some cases be very expensive. This type of gate often allows for cars to enter the property, in most cases they will go the either the driveway or to the garage.

A garden gate is also very popular. This is because in South Africa there is a large number of different plants and also a large number of gardens. In most cases the people would like to keep their plants away from cars. This is because cars can damage them. This is why there are garden gates. As well as some people might have more than one garden this can allow them separate the different gardens. This can allow them to have some order. 

Side gates are also very popular. This is because the side of the property might need a gate. In the majority of cases the people might need a gate there to separate the front and the back of the property. This is also a good way to separate the different areas as well as what it is that is on the side. In some cases it can be to keep the pets in the back area and in other cases it can be to separate the garden. Either way it should be noted that entrance gates are not the only gates, they might be the first gate onto the property by they will not be the last.