Electric gates are usually installed in the entrance of premises and are used for all sized gates to ensure safety and security at the entrance..In many homes or businesses the gates are installed for convenience in terms of time and safety. The electric gates are easier to operate compared to the manual gates that need one to get out of the car to open and still use power to push the gate open. Electric gates provide peace of mind in rainy days and when it’s dark and risky. Unlike manual gates where one are at threat from hijackers, thugs, or hawkers, the electric gate makes life easier as one can open the gate a few feet away from the gate to allow immediate entrance when near without having to stop. They even close immediately right behind you.
The electric gates are reliable and easy to use. They open using a remote chip or access card. They are an advantage because access is limited to the users and not everyone has access to the premises unless authorized. They come in many different types and styles. There are wooden electric gates and palisade gates that is operated by the motor that is installed on the bottom of the gate to allow easy and sufficient control. The electric gates are easy to install, affordable, very convenient and safe to use. They open by using a sensor and reverse mechanism that allows the gate to open and close with obedience. So it is very important for the user to make sure that its always services to avoid and prevent entrapment and obstruction. And can sometimes pose inconvenience when there’s power failure, the users may be trapped inside or outside their premises.  
Because the electric gates slides when opening they give more space unlike manual ones that would normally flip to open. In essence, the electric gates provide peace of mind and convenience irrespective of type or style. There is no worrying or doubt if the gate is closed because you can see it close right behind you and that is just a breather.