?To have an automatic gate one needs to have a good gate motor and to operate it smoothly and without fail, especially at he times you need it most. Security gates mostly operate using an electric gate opener and thus are a safer option than having to open the gate manually.  
Electric gate operators or also known as an electric gate motor is operated either using hydraulic or electromechanical mechanisms. These can work with various types of electrical gates such as slide gates, swing gates or even security booms. Electromechanical gate openers mainly get its power from the electrical mains apposed to the hydraulic gate opener that gets its power from hydraulic fluid.  
To safe guard the homeowner from theft and crime, gate entrances or driveway gates are best to be made to work automatically. This is good and avoids the owner from having to get out of the car to open the gate. Some entrance gates that use hydraulic openers do not have to use full power to operate heavy gates. However, mechanical operated gates have to use more power to open a big heavy gate and they also have more working parts than hydraulic gates. The homeowner installing the gates with their openers can decide what is more suited to their needs.  
Gate openers are expensive and thus when installing automatic or electrical gate, the price if much more expensive. Electrical gate motor prices vary and Centurion gate motors cater for almost every type of gate. Prices can cost around R2 500 to R6 500 depending on how heavy the gate is and how hard it may be to install. Sometimes there are also extra things included in the cost like, a battery charger, remote controls, whether it is a double or a single gate and whether it is a sliding or swing gate.  
There are many companies that cater for every gate and automation needs, as a homeowner it should not be too difficult to decide what type gate you may need or how much it will cost. Doing research and comparing prices has only done people good.