CCTV or Close Circuit Television is a method of security that is used to monitor spaces where there may be a prevalence of robberies or other crimes. Generally CCTV security is a method employed by security companies when they are protecting large areas. In the case of a warehouse security job, it is vital to be able to see all of the perimeters of the building, but because this would take a lot of manpower, companies use CCTV cameras instead.

A CCTV security system can be a great asset for a business, especially one that has various buildings all over the city, country or even the world. CCTV cameras can be linked by wireless connections, allowing one security guard in one place to watch them all. This really lowers the cost of good security and ensures that with little time and manpower, a high quality job can still be done.

CCTV equipment ranges from the cheap to the very expensive. Depending on where it is purchased, the equipment can be very high tech and modern, or fairly simple. Those companies with a lot to protect will spend a lot of money on this equipment, since the loss of their stock or other assets would carry a much higher price. They will even employ specialist companies to do the CCTV installation, since industrial espionage is a very real and present threat.

Security cameras in general are an asset for every business since they protect the business from loss of stock, from employee negligence and even from those who wish to sabotage the business. That is why despite the initial outlay of capital for a good security system seems high, it is vital to get one to protect your assets. A company that is protected with CCTV cameras will see a return on their investment in the number of crimes being committed declining significantly. These cameras can also be a great internal motivator, since employees will not laze around when they feel as though they are being watched. The benefits of security cameras for a business are multiple and every business should make use of them.