If you have a garage, you have probably already experienced the hassle of having to leave your car, open the garage door, get into your car, drive forward, close the garage door and everything that comes with it. Doing this is not only frustrating, but is also a security risk no matter what neighbourhood you live in.

Getting your garage door motorised makes sense because it makes arriving home more secure and more convenient. When you choose the door motor, make sure that it is compatible to your garage. A good fitment centre will be able to tell you which model to buy and how it can be installed. Gone are the days when noisy garage motors made a huge echoing racket in your home. Now, you can fit silent models that work smoothly and effectively with the minimum of noise.

Faster is safer when it comes to garage door motors, so ensure that the door won’t take precious minutes to open and close, as these could be the minutes that matter the most to your safety. Also ensure that the door motor you pick is reactive, so that if a pet slips in at the last minute, or you have left a bag in its path, the door motor will sense it and stop. This is a great safety feature in case something goes wrong.

When buying a door motor for your garage or having one installed, also ensure that you get safety beams. These will help you track what is happening in your garage and will alert you to any movement.

If you want a solution for your home that is convenient and adds to your safety, then getting a good motorised garage door is the answer. And if that is not enough to convince you, remember that with a motorised garage door, you add value to your house and might even drive down the price of home and car insurance.

You deserve the convenience that a motorised garage door can bring to your home, and the safety that it will guarantee you. Get a motorised garage door for your house, and you won’t have to worry about getting out of the car again.