You would be surprised at the people who are being tracked via GPS. The worst part may be that those very people who are being tracked are not aware of the fact. Now doesn’t that seem unfair or illegal and even downright nosey? The reality is that police, law enforcement and private investigators have the right to follow and survey suspected criminals or people who have committed crimes previously. This is permitted by the law, after they have a warrant on the suspect. That’s understandable but what about that real life ‘fatal attraction’ where a lover or a spouse has secretly tracking your whereabouts by GPS. It sounds really creepy but you would be surprised how many people do it in their relationships.

In the case where a business that has  a lot of vehicles and company cars in order to keep track of the mileage and distance travelled by the occupants of the business vehicles. That scenario is fair because the parties involved are informed about the tracking device and they know what’s at stake. It is part of the transportation industry and is almost mandatory.

So many people have been found guilty of using GPS and camera surveillance on their loved ones such as parents who don’t trust their kids. They go through all the trouble to find out what their kids are doing with their cell phones through SMS spy some even put tracking devices on their children’s cars. There is nothing wrong with loved ones being worried about a person but doing that secretly is really an infringement on their right to privacy. It’s offending and unfair.

People end up finding things that they can’t handle. It’s like hacking into somebody’s phone to read their e-mails and to find their location. What does the law say about this? The law has not caught up with such things, anyone can purchase a CCTV camera or Global tracking device for their own private use, meaning that it is easily accessible and one may find themselves being tailed even in their most intimate moments. It’s like being on Big brother and you don’t even know it.