The best alarm systems Johannesburg has ever had are fitted and maintained by our team of experts. We have the expertise, knowledge, commitment, reputation and determination to install the best and to thus ensure that you and your family are protected and safe at all times.

An alarm is a no-go item meaning you simply have to have one even if it feels like a bit of a grudge purchase.

A holiday, a few pairs of shoes or a brand new lounge suite are all more appealing than spending money on something that you can hardly see.

Understandable, however, not true!

Gauteng is unfortunately still one of the key crime hubs in South Africa, thus it is still essential to be protected from any criminal activity that may occur and to take all precautions possible. Securing your home or business perimeter with high quality electric fence and then fitting a robust cctv and alarm systems are just as much a way of life in Joburg nowadays unfortunately.

It is second nature for anybody to switch on the alarm when the family retires for the night or when everybody goes out.

Doors locked? Check! Alarm on? Check! Safety in knowledge that automated systems are on the high alert, even when you are not!

Having the best alarm system is, of course, only one step in ensuring that you and your loved ones are securely out of danger and able to go about your daily activities normally and without worrying and being frightened.

Life in South Africa in the 21st Century is wonderful even though we sometimes live on the edge. The thing to do is to keep alert, keep aware and keep safe whilst enjoying our beautiful weather in the best country in the world.

One Point provides  a full spectrum of security solutions for your home or business, please feel free to call us today for a comprehensive consultation of your homes security.