Internet protocol or IP megapixel cameras are used in quite a few high tech applications. One of the main uses of IP megapixel cameras are for security and surveillance applications. CCTV application security and surveillance cameras have come a long way in a very short space of time, in fact the real leaps and bounds regarding security and surveillance cameras has only really occurred within the last decade.

IP megapixel cameras represent the latest in developments within the realm of digital application environments. All megapixel IP cameras are high definition or HD and represent the most high tech and cutting edge digital surveillance features. There are of course, as with everything digital these days, many different features and options. There is an IP megapixel camera to suit absolutely anyone’s budget and security or surveillance needs.

Types Of IP Megapixel Cameras
There are hundreds of different types of IP megapixel cameras available on the market today. There is a model to suit anyone’s needs and to suit anyone’s budget. When deciding on what IP megapixel camera to get one would first have to assess the application parameters as well as use over budget.

IP megapixel cameras are available in a variety of different megapixel values; these generally range between one point three, two, three, five, eight and ten. As newer advances are made in technology higher and higher ratings of megapixels will become available. The higher the amount of megapixels the higher the quality of the image produced by the IP megapixel camera.
The amounts of megapixels are only one aspect to consider when shopping for an IP megapixel camera. There are other features to consider regarding the technical features and functions of different IP megapixel cameras. Another feature is whether or not a megapixel camera features pan tilt and zoom features, commonly referred to as PTZ. This feature allows the user to move the camera in order to follow a subject or to be able to zoom in on a subject or object in order to gain more clarity. Such things are important features when considering such needs as the ability to read and record vehicle registrations.