If you are wondering about how to go about choosing the correct security camera for your property, then learning about CCTVs and its history might be necessary first. The CCTV systems have now been around for many years and the South Africa has the world’s highest amount of units in their cities. You will soon learn that there are many, many CCTV camera systems on offer. The vast choices available to you might seem overwhelming when considering which type of camera surveillance to invest in.

When looking to invest in these systems there are various factors to consider and things you need to understand about the type of systems you can choose from. Nearly all types of CCTV camera systems come manufactured with a CCD chipset. This chipset is the heart of the camera as well as the imaging device which will allow the camera to display and record the images that it takes.

You will be able to gain better images with every kind of CCD chipset with the more features the camera has. The best of all chipsets which is available today on the market is the Sony CCD, which is then very closely followed by the Panasonic and Sharp chipsets. Through the use of various DSP techniques, it will be possible for you to tweak the various video signals and parameters which will allow you to gain much higher quality levels from your camera surveillance packages. You can also improve your CCTV camera system’s overall performance through using the DSP adjustment.

Aside from the actual performance and quality of the camera, you also need to consider the various features that come with your surveillance CCTV. Should you find that the CCTV will need to be able to record the footage in the evenings then you certainly need to invest in a night vision enabled camera. This is only one example of the features that are available for you to choose from. These are merely some of the aspects you will need to consider when going about investing in CCTV camera systems.