garage door servicingThe service and repair of a garage door whether it is automated or manual is a natural process that occurs due to wear and tear and usage. There are ways for the owner to aid in maintenance by oiling the door if it is wooden, lubricating the springs and mechanism, and keeping the mechanisms clean of dust and free of obstruction. A professional, so as to keep the garage door as good as new, should do services and repairs.

There are several signs that you need to call out for repairs or servicing. A noisy garage door or motor is definitely a sign that there is work to be done. If the garage door does not sit squarely in its frame or on the tracks then it needs to be adjusted. A garage door is the largest and heaviest door on a property and it does take a couple of strong men to move it or adjust it. Another bad sign is if the garage door drops down by itself or conversely if the garage door sticks in place then it definitely needs attention. Ensure that all the parts are regularly lubricated and balanced. The garage door should never be obstructed in anyway. The springs in garage doors are most susceptible to wear and tear; they do most of the work. Professionals must adjust these springs even before the garage door motor is installed and should only be change or adjusted by a professional during the course of the garage door’s lifespan.

If the garage door is automated then the motor and electrical system should also be looked after by a professional and checked regularly by the owner. Power surges and lightning can affect these electrical devices but there are resistor systems that can be installed to minimize damage. If the garage door motor is running (you can tell by the sound or the flashing lights) but does not respond when it is supposed to then repairs are required. If there is just a clicking sound when the remote is used but the garage door does not open or close a repairman should also be called.