?In most complexes, townhouses, office parks and some private residential properties, you are bound to be welcomed by some security person at the entrance gate. With plenty unscrupulous people roaming the world, it is quite understandable why this is so. Safety has become a serious priority for many establishments and individuals all over the world. It suddenly seems like no one is safe at all, hence the big boom in the security services industry. No-one can afford to take any chances, better safe than sorry.  

Some establishments seem to choose the automated services to man their gates, right from the first entrance, till the last entrance to the building. There sure is a huge difference in how the entrance is managed and whichever option is chosen, man or auto, the primary concern is safety for all those who happen to enter the premises.  

Most visitors find the entrance gates that are run automatically, with no human presence to be a lot less welcoming than those run by fellow human beings. This is mainly because those automated entrances do not offer any help when you are lost or unsure if you are at the right place or not. Whereas with the man managed entrances, you still have that chance to communicate your purposes to the man at that particular gate, who will usually tell you immediately,  if you are at the right place or not. If not they could actually help you further, by redirecting you towards the sought after premise.

Entrance gates do, to a certain extent say something about the personality of the occupants. Automated entrance gates usually point towards a secretive, very insecure and aloof characteristic. Whereas, a manned establishment seems to ask you,’ how can we help you?’ This is debatable of course. Mainly because in some instances, a man managed entrance gate could actually compromise a business that is very security sensitive.

So at the end of the day, a choice of either has to be determined by the nature of business. The whole point is to protect one’s own interests after all.