Security is an important reality we South Africans have to face when performing our daily functions. If we leave our home or business we need to ensure that our possessions are protected at all times. An electric security gate can make a contribution to the safety and protection of your belongings and property. Not only do they provide protection, but also make it easier to enter or exit your property. With the amount of crime in South Africa, the need for security is ever important and the inclusion of automatic gates into your security profile will add that extra measure which will help to secure your goods or property.  

Electric gates usually come in two styles. A sliding gate style in which the gate moves from side to side via the operation of a gear based gate motor. This style is useful for those of us who have a slopped driveway as the gate makes no forward or backward movement. The swing gate, on the other hand, does make forward and backward motions. So this type of gate is most useful for those of us who have narrow driveways and can’t afford side movement. This gate is powered by either a piston or crank motor. But for those who have a very large driveway and hence a very heavy gate, as might be found in a business, a hydraulic motor would need to be used.  

Most of these driveway gates come with various features which make operating the gate very easy. The photo eye prevents the gate from closing if there are obstacles present, this protects your car from possible damage. A battery back-up is standard and allows one to use the gate when there is a power failure. The electric gate motor is the most central part of your system, so protecting it from theft is very important. This is why a motor lock is available for safeguarding your gate motor.  
There are many more features, and it would be best to consult your favoured security gate installer to find out more about the various features, install times, and prices.