?Garage doors are essential in the safety feature of a garage. Without a garage door, a garage is virtually useless. Garage door automation refers to the installation of a motor in order to use the garage with a remote control rather than to open or close it manually. The great thing about garage door automation is that if the system should ever have a fault or not work for some or other reason, the door can still be used manually.

The main benefit of garage door automation is the convenience that comes with it. The fact that one doors not have to go to the garage door in order to open it means that there is no moving in and out of the car in order to open or close the door. This also makes for increased security as it is then less probable for a thief to come hijack a car which will only be outside the garage for a short period of time.
Apart from crime, garage door automation is also useful with regards to extreme temperatures. When it is raining hard, for example, no one will want to walk out of his/her car to open the garage door and then run back and sit on the car seat with wet clothing.

Another great thing about garage automation is that the owner does not have to lift the garage door at all. This means that there is no struggle of lifting a heavy garage; especially for those with back problems. It also means that the chances of touching a wet or dirty door with clean hands and clothes on.

If the garage door is automated by a battery-powered device, there is the added advantage of saving energy while enjoying the full benefits of the system.

Unfortunately, an automated garage door does not guarantee full safety of the car in the garage or the owner. It is simply a step towards the safety. In order to enjoy the full benefits of garage door automation, the user needs to use the system properly and not relax all other attempts to secure the garage and all its contents.