A look at most urban homes and industries, reveals a huge shift towards the use of automated, motor driven gates. This is all driven by the constant quest for perfection and simplicity within mankind. Incidents of crime have themselves also played a major part in the need to develop smarter, yet user friendly products, to counter this scourge and social ill.
Automated motor gates have become a standard feature in most complexes, houses and industrial sites being built nowadays. It becomes very easy to take them for granted in most cases, which is what happens with most things once they become a constant feature. Wait until that thunderstorm catches you on your way home and you have to wait in the car for a long while for it subside. Only then, does the mind go back to the appreciative mode and the realization of how helpful automated gates can be.
With these automated gates, the motor determines the performance of the gate. When it comes to the domestic gate motors, like the one on theD5 sliding gate being offered by the Centurion based A1motor Services and Repair Company, a fast operating speed is a big plus, as it helps provide better security on entry and exit. This sliding gate also possesses the ability to accelerate and decelerate in very smooth motion using its low voltage battery driven DC motor.  
On the industrial front, this same Centurion based company, has in their making, the A10 gate motor that drives a 1000kg max gate mass. This motor has a manual release operation which is said to be jam free. To prevent the possibility of the cover being removed, this motor has been designed with a lockable manual override.  You can also adjust the height of the gearbox by 10mm, and going forward or back you have the ability to adjust it up to 30mm.
If you are going for these automated gates it is not a bad idea at all to do your homework so you can have a bit of understanding about the specifics of the motor.