The role players typically involved in the implementation of a video surveillance system include a retailer and a system provider. A system provider will aid on aspects such as the design of the system, provide precise technical information, provide proper training to staff, and visit the site after the installation is complete. These are but a few of the responsibilities of a system provider and will also involve assuring that the installation is installed according to a certain standard. The retailer is the person or company who supplies the products required to complete the pre-planned installation. They will also conduct a risk assessment in order to create a well-planned installation that doesn’t incur a high probability of something going wrong. As you can see, CCTV security is quite an involved process, and if implemented correctly it can be a sound investment.
With some companies the retail and system provider are from the same company, making a CCTV installation far easier to implement. There is no need for two different companies to correspond with each other, reducing the probability of a miscommunication occurring. There are many CCTV companies in South Africa. You should do some research into which company will suit your needs best. A company with a proven track record is the obvious choice to take. It would also be a good idea to find out more about the various CCTV products out there. Even a basic knowledge will be useful as this will help you in dealing with a particular CCTV security company.  
The system provider will consult with you about what kind if system you would like. Typically you and the system provider will make a thorough assessment of the site. The placement of CCTV cameras and other equipment will need to be considered. You will also be able to make arrangements about maintenance contracts as a large CCTV system will require regular maintenance. The system provider should also talk to you about the general day-to-day running of the system to ensure that your system is performing the desired results.