An electric fence is a divisive barrier that’s uses electronic power to shock and thus deter animals or people from crossing a boundary. Electric fences enhance the security of sensitive areas and can be used on top existing walls and as well as wall devices themselves. Maintaining electric fences will make sure they are always good protective devices. There are a few simple ways of keeping your electric fence in the best possible condition.
Firstly keep your electric fence free from plant’s interference. Tree and bushes can easily bend over or lean against the electric fence, shorting the circuit and sometimes causing an alarm to be triggered. Unfortunately this could also cause an unnecessary security company callout. Plants are good screen but need to be constantly pruned and cleared to keep your electric fence functioning.
Once a month check the fence for breaks in the wire. A wire break may not be picked up on the system and can cause power shortage and a break in your fence’s protection. When the grounding wire is broken the electric fence’s control board will not recognize a short and then you will never know when your fence is inactive. Insulators can break and this will also draw current away from the wires and reduce voltage. Other broken parts of the fence like the bobbin, loops and jumpers also need to be fix or replaced immediately to maintain the electric fence.
The ticking sound that an electric fence makes is a sign that there is an electrical short somewhere and your perimeter must be checked. This sound shows that the energizer unit is working but your fence is probably not.  The ‘shock’ strength and the flowing current may be lost.
Electric fences are powered from either the main power supply or alternatively they can be battery powered.  Remember that maintenance of your electric fence must also include checking the power supply, that no wires are damaged or that the battery is still in good condition and not leaking.  Maintaining an electric fence is a simple task that ensures your safety and security at all times.