Developing a security system around your home and office allows for mental sanity and overall safety.  One of the great elements of a security system is an electric fence. An electric fence can either replace a wall or be mounted on top of the wall for added protection. Installing an electric fence can be a simple process, especially with the right professional.
The security industry has adapted electric fences that utilizes wires fitted onto insulators that make up a continuous flow of an electrical circuit.  These wires then administer a short sharp shock to deter intruders as well as trigger an alarm system when touched.
As of 1 October 2012 new legislature will be comprehensively re-making the electric fence industry. When installing an electric fence makes sure that both your installer and system are compliant with what is known as SANS 10222. Some points included in this legislature are same type of wires are used and warning signs are placed every ten meters. The legislature also states that certificates will be required for electric fences from October 2012 onwards.
There are a number of different varieties of electric fencing. The most cost effective style is a five or six wire wall top with a round and flat bar fence. It is not the strongest electric fence but it is an excellent deterrent. Another style has six, eight, and ten wire square tube wall top which is both strong and more than adequate for the home or workplace. These are the wall top electric fences and there are more varieties of full height electric fences that are freestanding or can be mounted on existing walls and fences.
Some advantages of installing an electric fence include an easy installation of the electric wires on top or attached to an existing wall or fence, or as a stand-alone perimeter fence. Installing an electric fence creates a shocking physical barrier that can delay and deter those of criminal intent.  An electric fence once installed is easy to install, maintain, operate and repair; and a crucial part of a strong and sound security system.