We have been getting emails about our involvement in with On-Point Engineering! Apparently On-point is a beneficiary company for some controversial deal related to Julius Malema.

Well we should be so lucky to have a 52 gazillion rand project pointed in our direction! Unfortunately we were born with the wrong skin colour, or the wrong name or the wrong parents or something, coz we work blaaaadie hard for our money..

Anyway, “On-Point Engineering” is not “One Point Maintenance”, outside from this post we have NOTHING to do with them what-so-ever. Please paparazzi if you want to come take photos I think you might be a bit dissapointed.

While we are on the political bandwagon any of you ANC, EFF, DA, FP, ETC, UBUNTU boys need home security “Nkandla style” give One Point Maintenance a call.

We do CCTV, Electric Fences, Gates, Doors and all those things to keep these annoying journalists out!

Hehehehe, too funny.