Home security worldwide is becoming a major issue especially with homes that have garages attached. Reason being is that robbers know that by getting access to the garage they are at a far better advantage, access to the car and if possible easy access to the house. Garages are an extremely vulnerable point of the house. What can be done to prevent this? Can garage gates really increase your security?

Ideally, one should have a decent door and a sturdy easily lockable security gate on the door between the garage and the house. Both should be easy to open and close in the event of an emergency such as a fire. Or, in the event of an attack a barrier that can be closed quickly like a slam lock device door.

Just having a security gate on the door is not enough because if under attack robbers could reach and grab you while closing. Also garages tend to hold car fumes which are not good. Both of these types of doors are available on the market.

Now you’re probably thinking keys, and how are we going to handle this and lock in a hurry. Easy, there are specific types of gates and locks available that are made for these types of scenarios. Each family member must be shown how to use these security gates and doors. Families could put some fun into the seriousness of the matter by seeing who can lock up and secure in the fastest time, have regular tests.

There are a few pointers that can add to your security once you have locked up for the night. Add dead bolts to your garage door each side, that way no one can lift the door from outside. Dead bolts can also be added to the main door into the house, most people can handle these even children. Never leave your remotes in the car. It’s a bad idea to leave your garage door open with the garage unoccupied, it’s an invitation.

Always test where your house is vulnerable, family members get slack about the house.