The costs for a CCTV system vary depending on what kind of system you decide to get, and there are many standardised packages which CCTV distributors offer. We will be looking at each piece of equipment in a CCTV system individually, as it is a better way of getting a good idea about how much a CCTV system, in its entirety, should cost.

So let’s start off with the cameras. The cameras for a CCTV system vary and can become quite costly as they get more advanced. Some CCTV camera sets can cost up to R30 000. There are however cheap CCTV cameras on offer, and they can go for between R500 and R800. Of course, you should choose the camera which best suits your needs, as there are various different kinds of CCTV cameras out there.
The price range for digital video recorders (DVR) is a bit less drastic in comparison to the various cameras you can get. They range between R2 000 and R10 000, with the more expensive DVRs being able to hold a larger amount of data, they have more channels, and sometimes include a software package which you can use to adjust the settings of your camera (amongst various other functions).
The CCTV monitor and the cameras of a CCTV system are your basic requirements when considering purchasing a CCTV system. There are of course costs incurred for the required cabling as well as the installation. These costs will vary depending on the amount of cameras which need to be installed and the distance between the cameras.
Instead of using a standard CCTV monitor, you can use your PC monitor, which you probably have already, so there’s a saving there. Whether you use analogue cameras or digital cameras, it is possible to connect them to your PC, provided you have the appropriate equipment. Digital cameras don’t usually require extra equipment, however an analogue camera system may require extra gear to connect to your PC, so it’s important to find out about what you require.