Though manually operated gates are secure and reliable, electrically operated gates are much better if one considers the high rate of crime in the country. There are many crime syndicates in South Africa that specialise in motor vehicle theft and hijacking. The sad truth is that most motorists and their vehicles are most vulnerable to injury and theft respectively at gates and entrances of their homes or workplaces. Criminals strike while the motorist is waiting for someone to open the gate or whilst fiddling with the keys trying to physically open the gate. Expensive as they may be, electric gates are a good investment for their worth.
Electric gates function by remote control and the ‘engine’ of the electric gate is the gate motor. People must make sure the remote control batteries are always working and that spares are readily available. Gate motors are extremely expensive and exposed gate motors are a high risk for theft. In fact, theft of gate motors is so common that many insurance companies in South Africa urge their clients to include the gate motor in their building and home contents insurance cover. This protects the gate motor against theft and damage.
The gate motor is responsible for opening and closing the gate without the need to get out of thecar and push the gate manually. There are many manufacturers of gate motors and homeowners must discuss products and prices with a reliable contractor. Underground gate motors are by far the best option for gates in residential, commercial and industrial areas. This keeps the gate motor from the roaming eyes of thieves. They are just as effective as gate motors that are above the surface of the ground but they are more expensive to repair because of the labour involved.
Gate motors are relevant to any type of electric gate whether it slides open, rolls open or swings open. Swing gates are the most common but for properties with space concerns and limitations, sliding or rolling gates are a better option.