A CCTV security system provides the customer with constant surveillance of a specific area either at the client’s home or work premises. CCTV is closed circuit television system that works best in conjunction with an ongoing security system to provide great coverage and great protection.

A CCTV security system requires regular servicing and maintenance to keep it in full working order. When installing a CCTV security system negotiate a maintenance contract with the installer or supplier. Check the guarantee: is it one year or two and can it be extended past the set period with an extra cost incurred? A guarantee or a warranty is good way of keeping peace of mind as long as there is a backup plan in place. Another part of the maintenance contract will be ensuring how fast a callout time will be provided to fix or maintain the CCTV system. If the client needs to have an almost immediate callout response then that must be written into the maintenance contract.

Constantly test your CCTV system so that you can maintain its integrity. Check all the functions that are available to you system and monitor the reaction times of the security system. Keep a reference folder of the image quality and immediately pick up any problems that may arise.

The CCTV system maintenance includes testing the camera’s field of view (how much is in the camera frame); the live and recorded image quality (what can be seen on the CCTV monitors); the storage time provided and now utilized by the system (does the system require a clean-out on the disks?); and finally are the alarms and motion detectors operational and properly triggered,

The CCTV system should constantly achieve what it was attended to do. The requirements of the CCTV may differ from place to place but those requirements always need to be fulfilled. A CCTV system should always show you want you want to see; that is the basic principle of the CCTV system. Maintain the view of cameras by checking the angle and running monitoring checks to make sure that you are covered.