Of course there is no need to think very hard for a number of reasons to come to mind as to why installing automated gates are the way forward. If your assets, home and family members are important to you, then their safety and protecting that safety will be important too. In addition to the obvious security features that installing a motorized gate presents, they also add instant value to a property and are as such a sound investment for any home owner. When seeking out the best way to automate your gate and step up security, a Centurion gate motor should be your number one choice.

Investing in a Centurion gate motor is something that many South African’s are, and have been, doing for quite some time now. They are of course one of South Africa’s preferred gate motor brands and present a wide variety of advantages to those who purchase them. One of the best features of these motors is that they come with sensors which are fitted to each side of the gate. This ensures that you, your vehicle, children and pets are all safe should they cross through the gate’s entrance while it is trying to close.

Centurion gate motors also have a back-up power supply system and can be charged by means of connection to a main power supply. Some more modern units can recharge using solar power; however the main supply of power to a motor of this brand and type is a 12V battery which is considered to be maintenance free. Remote controls provided with the motor are able to control opening and closing the gate at will and also make for a very convenient feature.

Take the time to chat to the professionals in the market about the range of gate motors that they have available to you. Chances are that you will find that Centurion offers the best gate motors on the market and have been doing so for many, many years.