Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) plays a very important part in security systems around the world. This is because they form excellent surveillance systems which are used in homes, estates and businesses everywhere. CCTV cameras are available in many different types and this means that there is one for every need and budget.


These CCTV systems used to be exclusively for the rich and elite. There are now many affordable CCTV systems on the market today. These can be used residentially or commercially. They can be used to monitor employees or simply act as a deterrent to criminals. Also, employees may be more productive if they feel they are being monitored.


Different Types Of CCTV Cameras


There are basic wired cameras. These are placed in fixed positions and they are very visible. The reason why these are popular is because they are good at deterring criminals. This is because when criminals see obvious security measures such as this, they tend to realize that your business or home is not an easy target. They would rather target an easy target. There are also fake wired cameras available. These look exactly like the real thing but they not actually record anything.


You can also buy concealed CCTV cameras. These are small or look like something else so that they can blend into their surroundings. These would be a great option if you would like to monitor your staff. For example, you would place a camera that is concealed inside a baby’s teddy bear into the baby’s room so that you can keep an eye on the babysitter.


There are also wireless cameras available. Other types and variations of CCTV cameras include night vision cameras which are great for use in any low light areas. These cameras should be used as a part of a comprehensive security program and not as the only security measure in place. For example, you can use security cameras, a burglar alarm and smoke alarms to protect your retail store. This will decrease your risk profile quite a bit and increase the overall safety and security of your property.