Alarm system installation has become very big business, as people are prepared to spend more and more money to protect their valuables. Thirty or so years ago only the very rich had alarm systems installed in their homes; these days the people who  do not have alarm systems installed in their homes are few and far between and, as technology improves, the cost of looking after your home and family increases at an alarming rate.

There was a time when having an alarm system installed was something one could do by yourself, without needing to be mister DIY, nowadays unless you are an electrical genius, or some kind of computer boffin, do not even try. The days of the simple trip switch, the claxon and the baseball bat under the bed are gone. Alarm installation now involves laser beams, pressure pads and motion sensors. These systems are installed to the highest level of specification, where you can set the weight that triggers the pads( so your pets do to trigger them by mistake), the height of the lasers are also set to a pet friendly level, while the motion sensors are programmed so that a gentle breeze is not enough to set it off.

To have one of these high-tech systems installed in youth home is definitely not cheap, but it has to be said that these alarm companies are very good. They can have even the most complex alarm system installed within a day, and the response to the alarm being triggered varies on the package you have chosen to have installed. Most alarm packages would come with certain basic features, like calling the owner if the alarm is set off, even if it happens five times in an hour.
As the general level of paranoia in society increases the alarm system installation business will just keep on expanding, because of this we are seeing new companies enter the market every day and still walking away with very healthy profits each month. Since these systems have to be maintained and upgraded as criminals get smarter, this trend does not seem in danger of ending soon.