There are many reasons why people choose to install alarm systems. A comprehensive alarm system can give you amazing peace of mind and will help to protect your family, your home and your belongings. There are many different alarms that can be used to make up your comprehensive security system.
The most common alarm system would usually comprise of a siren, sensors and a connection to the security company so that they would know whenever the sensors are triggered and the alarm is set off. This type of alarm system is very effective against intruders.
Another important point worth mentioning is the fact that this system will not only stop intruders when they attempt to break in but it can also serve as a deterrent. Criminals are not very likely to target a home displaying obvious signs of security such as an installed alarm system.  
There are other types of alarm systems as well. These would protect you from other threats and risks such as fire. Smoke alarms are very popular. They are usually placed all over the home and especially in bedrooms. The siren is sounded when the alarm sensors detect smoke. This is excellent protection if there is a fire at night as the alarm will be able to wake your family and give you that precious few seconds to get out of the house safely.
There are also alarms which sense and detect carbon monoxide in the air. These alarms are very valuable because this gas cannot usually be detected easily by smelling or seeing it. This is why it is usually referred to as the silent killer. Installing an alarm system that can sense the gas and warm occupants of the home can save their lives.
Installing alarm systems that incorporates smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors as well as intruder sensors would be the best option. You can also include other security measure to further secure your home. These would include things such as security cameras, gates, burglar bars and building a panic room.