There are many kinds of system securities that you can get with CCTV cameras and all have various properties to their company security.
The first kind of company security is the dome camera and is classified as the best choice. This is because they are hard to manipulate or vandalise when they are reach of someone. They are also easy to install and because the lens is covered the position of where the camera is looking is hard to know. A dome camera can also use infrared so that at night they still work as a company security. However, dome cameras may not be able to accommodate if you want to see so far into the distance.
The box camera can be placed on any wall or a vertical area. A box camera is also able to view long distances with a different lens. A box camera can be placed in a protective enclosure so that they are not vandalised. Also a box camera is used when low light is not a consideration, but they can be placed in an enclosure that has built in infrared illuminators so that the camera can utilise these.
When the light is not very good or is very low then an infrared camera company security should be looked at. An ifra red camera can watch as far as the illumination capacity is. They use LEDs, which are cast out into the darkness. These LEDs do have a limited life because the glow will eventually fizzle out.   
The bullet camera is used in company security systems when you want the camera to be not noticeable and are mainly used for short to middle distances.
The covert camera is where the camera cannot be seen. They can come in all appearances from a wall clock to a smoke detector. Covert cameras can be illegal you should then check the laws before you start installing these.
A wireless camera is used when the digital video recorder is not practical, you will need a method to power a camera.  
The pan tilt zoom camera allows you to have live control of the camera and u can adjust the pan, tilt and zoom. This means you can view a number of angles from a solitary camera.  
There are many camera styles for a company security and being able to keep an eye on your place is a benefit and help to keep things safe.