CCTV surveillance systems are used to ensure the security of particular locations. There are CCTV cameras in Johannesburg, London, and in some cities in the United States of America. They have helped the police in catching murders and thieves and can help you in deterring or catching criminals who enter your property. A CCTV system consists of various components, all of which enhance, and ensure the safety of your property and possessions. Some CCTV equipment is a basic necessity; other equipment is good practice to include in your system, while other CCTV products offer added features for those special requirements.

Your basic CCTV setup includes cameras, storage media, and monitors. From this basic setup you can expand to add more features to your system. For instance, CCTV cameras offer many options, like wireless capability, motion detection, night vision, etc. There are a multitude of features, and you will certainly be able to find a camera which suits your needs. You can store your camera footage in various ways – on your PC, tape, on the camera itself, or even over the internet. The most economical way of storing camera footage is to use your PC or internet, but this will require you to use cameras specifically designed for this purpose. In the case of monitors, you could use a PC monitor or a specialised CCTV monitor, the choice is yours.

If you’re a home user then installing your CCTV system won’t be such a hassle. However, if you want to have a system which is very thorough and accurate, then you’ll need to get hold of a CCTV company. If you’re a business owner then you’re far better off calling an installation company. A business requires a comprehensive surveillance system, and this will most probably be achieved by a CCTV installer. Of course, if you’re looking to capture footage of a small area, like a room, then you could probably complete the installation yourself. However, there are legal aspects which you should consider before doing so since CCTV footage is meant to be admissible in court.