If you live in the Centurion or Pretoria area in Gauteng, you will be able to find very good plumbing companies in this area, should you encounter a plumbing problem at some point.  If you have a look on the internet, you will find many different plumbers to choose from that are literally right around the corner from you.  However you need to make very sure that the plumber you choose is a registered and qualified plumber.  It is never a good idea to have an unqualified person working on your plumbing as they will more often than not, just increase the problems.  

Plumbing Experts is a plumbing company that is situated near Centurion.  They are a 24 hour plumbing company that will be able to assist you with any plumbing issue that might arise in your house or in your business.  They have a call centre that you can phone should you have any questions regarding their service or products and they also have dedicated plumbing staff that will be able to assist you with whatever the plumbing problem is that you are experiencing.  

This company will also assist you with helpful tips and guidelines about plumbing and how to look after your plumbing structure.  On their website they have many detailed tips on where to shut off the water in the case of an emergency and how to keep your geyser from bursting.  They can also advise you as to what to do in the case of a water pipe bursting in your home or office.  If you suspect that your geyser hasn’t been installed properly and that it is leaking, Plumbing Experts will give you the best advice on how to fix the problem or they will fix the problem for you.

There are many other plumbing companies in Centurion such as Centurion Plumbers and 24/7 Royal Plumbers.  Most of the plumbing companies in Centurion are open twenty four hours every day and all of them have emergency contact numbers as well as hotlines that you can call should you have a plumbing emergency.