Villa Nicoli Body Corporate

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to confirm that One Point has been contracted to maintain the perimeter and entrance access control, the following are key points that are done each time there is a site visit.

Electric fences

Inspect all loops for degrading
Inspect all joins for degrading
Measure voltages that fence is putting out and receiving
Measure […]

Somerset Place


This letter serves to confirm that One Point Maintenance has been contracted to Somerset Place since October 2010 to monitor the electric fence, energiser and gate and to effect necessary repairs as and when necessary.

The premises are routinely visited fortnightly, whereafter detailed reports are submitted to the Trustees. Any concerns […]

Brecknock Owners Association

To whom is may concern,

This letter serves to act as a reference on behalf of the Brecknock Owners Association who employs One Point Maintenance in the capacity of repairing the electric fence, gate motors and general maintenance.
We have found both Jean and Tyson most obliging and efficient and their work has been of the […]